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Orange with White Text Engraved Electrical Labels


Orange with White Text

Orange with White Text Engraved Electrical Labels

Engraved Electrical Labels & Panel Plates
Our engraved electrical panel legend plates are made of high quality outdoor grade standard 1/8" thick plastic and can be produced with 1/8" holes or strong adhesive backing to help keep them in place.  There are standard sizes or custom sizes available. Standard colors available with any text engraved the way you need.  Production time is generally 2 business days.  If you're looking for a different size or color or for any bulk orders, please email us at jvoros@lpgoh.com.
Email us an Excel sheet with the list and
we'll apply the discount
Discount applies to quantity of items in your entire order. 
Each item can be a different size and the discount still applies.
Max # of Lines

3/4” HIGH 3 lines           1” HIGH 4 lines
1-1/2” HIGH 4 lines        2” HIGH 4 lines
3” HIGH 4 lines              4” HIGH 6 lines
5” HIGH 6 lines              6” HIGH 6 lines
7” HIGH 7 lines              8” HIGH 8 lines
   9” HIGH 10 lines          10” HIGH 12 lines 
12" HIGH 14 Lines

All of the above lines of text can be changed.
The larger the font size will give less line of text.
Plate Quantity DISCOUNTS

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Buy 50 or more of any item, get 8% off 
Buy 100 or more of any item, get 10% off 
Buy 300 or more of any item, get 12% off 


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